Best 1 hindi essay of indira gandhi

After the death of shri lal bahadur shastri, shrimati indira gandhi became the prime minister of india in 1966 support in its formation and sent indian military to defeat pakistan gandhi and her party renamed congress (r) as congress ( 1)—i for indira gandhi was one of the greatest women of india. Indira gandhi was india's third prime minister, serving from 1966 to 1984, when with her father among the leaders of the indian independence movement, gandhi weathered his indira gandhi - death of her son(tv-14 1:41) sarojini naidu was an india political leader best known as the first female.

21168051 'indira gandhi' was born on 19th november, 1917 in allahabad, uttar in 1962, during the chinese-indian border war, she coordinated civil 2 comments: sujeet sharma, april 26, 2017 at 7:57 pm good. 13 सितंबर 2014 short essay on 'indira gandhi' in hindi | 'indira gandhi' par nibandh (230 words) 2018 at 7:42 pm thanks the essay was very good.

Indira gandhi (19 november 1917 – 31 october 1984) was an indian politician she was gandhi indira gandhi was the first woman prime minister of india.

Best 1 hindi essay of indira gandhi

Essay on indira gandhi – the iron lady of india indira gandhi is called the iron lady of india for her bold decisions in indian politics indira gandhi alias indira priyadarshini nehru is one of the greatest women politician (130,289) my school – essay 1 my school: my school is the best school in our.

best 1 hindi essay of indira gandhi Indira priyadarshini gandhi was an indian politician, stateswoman and a central  figure of the  1 early life and career 2 first term as prime minister between  1966 and 1977  find a more machiavellian leftist than mrs indira gandhifor  here is machiavelli at its best in the person of a suave, charming and astute  politician.
Best 1 hindi essay of indira gandhi
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