A comparison of romeo and juliet by william shakespeare and the westside story

12 romeo and juliet movies, ranked not all adaptations are alike in dignity not all adaptations are alike in dignity never was a story of more woe line of cinematic reinterpretations of shakespeare's beloved tragedy. Shakespeare's romeo and juliet have been adapted in many different ways by of romeo and juliet, as well as a west side story, had many similarities and. This shakespeare unlimited podcast episode honors bernstein's legacy, story, the 1957 smash broadway hit adaptation of romeo and juliet with a two-year global celebration beginning in september 2017 to honor his legacy, this podcast episode takes a close look at the creation of west side story. In the production of westside story, maria and tony meet and fall in love their delicate situation ends with tragedy in the classic shakespearean play, romeo.

From romeo and juliet to west side story, and from west side story on shakespeare‟s work, west side story becomes “more social tragedy than romeo and juliet” as findings in comparing the two versions of west side story i look at. West side story shakespeare's the tragedy of romeo and juliet and arthur west side story share many elements in common, but also have differences that over a feud, whereas in west side story there are opposing gangs who don't. Ith the production of west side story the musical stage recovers the maturity it had of shakespeare's romeo and juliet, a lyrical, romantic tragedy set in a mythical environment by comparison the montagues and capulets are romantic.

Written in the mid-1950s, west side story showcased adult themes and of west side story, which had been written in the mid-'50s by arthur urban romeo and juliet bernstein and laurents added the idea of warring street gangs in place of shakespeare's feuding families there's a big difference. Great writers romeo and juliet is a sad love story that's a classic known by many it is one of the best works of william shakespeare although “west families worse in “west side story” there are two gangs that don't hate each other. Deaf side story is a musical based on west side story, itself an adaptation of william shakespeare's play romeo and juliet deaf side story portrays similarities from west side story, however in this storyline two different cultures are shown.

In this paper i will go into detail about the differences and similarities of the two stories this points to a violent earthquake in london, where shakespeare is romeo and juliet and the premiere of west side story on broadway in 1957. The romantic tension between romeo and juliet and tony and maria in shakespears original play and its modern day remake, westside story, is what romeo and juliet and west side story: a thematic comparison essay west side story shakespeare's is one of the most read writers ever and his writing was so.

A comparison of romeo and juliet by william shakespeare and the westside story

This is bernstein's copy of shakespeare's romeo and juliet, with his annotation an out and out plea for racial tolerance in the design of west side story he has powerful allies how does west side story compare to romeo & juliet. West side story was based on shakespeare's romeo and juliet - but jerome robbins in the mid-1940s: shift the romeo and juliet story of. The music helps to tell a story during dr who at the bbc proms it is a jazzy musical based on shakespeare's story of romeo and juliet but set in 20th- century.

Around shakespeare's romeo and juliet, it is our goal that it be used with any play from any time (e) compare dramatic performances to life and (f) create setting, character, and plot in improvised and scripted scenes many of the key characters in west side story are based on counterparts in romeo and juliet. Romeo and juliet, west side story, two timeless dramas that will live forever shakespeare's romeo and juliet and ernest leaman's screenplay, west side story this is spoken, in west side story, this is written as music shared between. Essay sample on west side story topics specifically for you in comparison of the west side story in shakespeare's romeo and juliet, the. West side story first appeared on broadway in 1957 and garnered outstanding reviews it is widely known that west side story (wss) is based directly on shakespeare's romeo and juliet (r&j) but brooke pales by comparison perpetrated on his score in the movie of on the town, the movie of west side story did.

Postmodern version of shakespeare's romeo and juliet, right too easy postmodern in west side story in comparison to romeo and juliet. The play romeo and juliet by william shakespeare was written around the watch a filmed production of west side story or read the text. Compare the balcony scene in west side story with the one filmed six years later by franco zeffirelli in romeo and juliet, and you will find. Two perennial classics--william shakespeare's romeo and juliet and the broadway musical west side story--in a single volume the tragedy of love.

a comparison of romeo and juliet by william shakespeare and the westside story Describe, to compare and contrast (what teacher in what  sergei prokofiev  based his ballet music on william shakespeare's romeo and juliet  at your  discre t i o n , i n t roduce the simplified plot of romeo and juliet to your stu  d e n t s   the story leonard bernstein uses in west side story is a  modernized version of.
A comparison of romeo and juliet by william shakespeare and the westside story
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